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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

average cost of paint chemicals in nigeria

You can source out the chemicals i.e. the raw materials in any
market around your locality were business men and women sell industrial
materials and chemical. you can start from asking where one can buy amonia
and you will definitely arrive at your regards.
1. Titherni (used only for the production of white paint) N650 for 1kg
3. Calcium carbonate (Calcium) N650 for 1 bag
4. Colourite N350 for 1kg
5. P.V.A N350 for 1kg
6. Formalin N200 for 1 kg
7. Nitrosol N2,100 for 1kg
8. Ammonia N200 for 1 kg
9. Hydrosol N1000 for 1kg
10. Marble dust N650 for 1 bag
11. Acrydext/ acrelic  N300 for 1 kg

remember that this is relative based on where you purchase. it is not
a holy grail remember that the economic law of demand and supply acts
on it. it is just an estimate.

how to construct paint mixer locally

hi, to construct paint mixer locally, contact your welder with the measurement of the drum/container you will need for the machine. i recommend 300 litters. He will ask you to buy electric motor and other cast iron that will be woven inside the container and connected to the electric motor. the cast iron will be used to turn the chemicals while the electric motor will be used to regulate the speed. hope this helps.