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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What tools does a Painter need

These are the list of tools that a painter should find handy.
1. scrapper : it is used in scrapping the wall so that it will be neat.
2. broom : you should know the use of this one. dusting and removing cobwebs
3. brush: brushes of different sizes. we have1 inch, 2 inch. 3and 4 inches. whichever one that serves the need. should be used. it is used for cutting the edges of ceiling and walls, and widow sides. it is also used in painting protectors with oil
4. Roller : there are different types of roller. there is one for emulsion, textcoat, satin, designer textcoat and so on.
5. extension stick.

next time you hire a painter mention these things to him and he will slash your charge.

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  1. Paschal thanks for your good works,you are really contributing your quota as an entrepreneur in the making of small scale paint manufacturing thereby reducing rate of unemployment.Bravo