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Friday, August 2, 2013

How to mix ingredients for custard powder production

these will be our mode of measurement
1. table spoon
2. tea spoon
3.kilo (some of the ingredients are sold with kilo measurement) okay lets produce our first custard powder. Hope your hot water is already boiling for making the custard ready for breakfast after production.

step 1: put 1 kilo of corn floor in a basin
step 2: add original egg york colour to the step 1 above.( half of table spoon) turn very well.
step 3: add to the  above mixture a small qauntity of dip orange colour (about half of tea spoon or a little more) then mix together.
step 4 : put exactly 1 table spoon of banana flavour to the mixture above (you can add more if you care depending on what you want.)
step 5: to the above add the same amount of milk flavour that is 1 table spoon. turn very well.
step 6: add venillar flavour (remember it is bitter). you will put half of a tea spoon to the mixture.
turn the mixtures very well. the custard is done. you can powdered milk to it if you so desire. i have a friend that adds nutri C to make her own unique. that is fine. your custard is done.
I hope that by now the water is boiling and the children are chanting mama give us custard. go ahead and make custard for your custard breakfast. Enjoy.